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We want you to have the greatest skydiving experience you can imagine!




Lat: 31.8777969191413

Lng: -106.70592889895

El Paso Skydive is the home base for skydiving and skydive training in the El Paso, Juarez, and Southern New Mexico area. We are located in Santa Teresa, NM at the Dona Ana County Airport. By providing state-of-the-art airplane transportation, professional pilots, and world-class instructors, El Paso Skydive upholds the highest standard of safety for all skydivers. All of our instructors have gone through the most rigorous training available and are held to the highest standards set forth by the globally recognized USPA.


Overlooking the U.S. Mexico border amongst the vast desert terrain, El Paso Skydive provides one of the most captivating drop zones in the country!




Dona Ana County Airport at Santa Teresa (5T6)

Lat: 31.8777969191413
Lng: -106.70592889895

8070 Airport Rd.
Santa Teresa, NM 68008
United States


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The aircraft is an essential part of the jump, and your flight should be comfortable, quick, and safe! With a twin turbine engine, our Super KING AIR A-90 airplane will comfortably take 14 passengers to 13,000 feet above the ground in 10 minutes! Get ready for the thrill of your life!




Bob kern


JANUARY 15, 1937 - JUNE 16, 2018


We would like to pay our respects to Bob Kern. He owned and operated the former Skydive El Paso since the early 1970s. Since Bob’s passing in mid 2018, the wonderful skydiving and aviation services he provided have been greatly missed. Though we are an entirely different company, we remember Bob’s legacy and ensure to provide the same quality of skydiving services.