Fly Solo

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is one of the most popular methods of skydive training. After you complete your first tandem jump you are eligible to start AFF training. The AFF method is based on a series of levels. Over the course of 7 jumps you will be accompanied by instructors who will help advance your skills and technique to become a safe solo skydiver. After you pass all 7 levels you will officially be able to jump on your own!

*On location sign-up only.


AFF traiNING priCEs

AFF Ground School: $100
Annual USPA Membership *required: $78
AFF Level 1: $225
AFF Levels 2-7: $200 each
AFF estimated total cost: $1603

*Your AFF training can be achieved at your own pace with the option to combine levels.

All jumps include the following equipment rentals:
Student skydive rig
Digital altimeter
USB drive